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Medical Care International - Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Information We Collect About You

The web site of Medical Care International ( only collects personal information that you, the User, choose to submit in specific sections of our site. Your personally identifiable information will be kept confidential, and will not be rented, sold or shared with any third party.

At this time, personal information is requested for the following purposes:

  • Email Update Subscription: Your email address and name are required for registration. You may unsubscribe instantly at any time at the following URL:
  • Volunteer Application: In order to apply for participation in our medical missions, users are required to submit this online application. This will not result in any communication from Medical Care International beyond what is required to evaluate your application and notify you of the outcome. Your application will be kept on file for one year; however, all data associated with your application can be deleted upon request.
  • Contact Us Form: To reduce SPAM email and facilitate communication with MCI, we use an email contact form. In order to reply to your comment or inquiry, we require that your name and email address be submitted along with your message. This personal info is not stored, unless you check the box to "opt in" for email updates (see "Email Update Subscription" above).

Photo and Video Media

We make our best effort to contact any individuals who appear in photographs or videos available on our site, in order to personally request their permission. However, if you find that your discernible likeness appears in any media against your wishes, please contact us. If your objection can be validated — i.e., your appearance in the specified photo(s) or video(s) can be verified — we will remove the offending media within 2 business days.