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India 2009

Our inaugural trip to the Loseling Altruistic Medical Association clinic in Mundgod, India at the Drepung Loseling Buddhist monastery.

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  • The serene, majestic surroundings of the Loseling Tibetan monastery.
  • Dr. Gilbert Kasirsky, founder of Medical Care International, with an Elder monk.
  • Dr. Jennifer Kasirsky asks a Tibetan villager to say "ah."
  • Laurel Prince helps to set up the pharmacy.
  • Elaine Kasirsky and her translators keep the busy pharmacy humming along.
  • Tibetan villagers line up for a vision test and eyeglasses.
  • Drs. David Boyko, Gilbert Kasirsky, and Jennifer Kasirsky review their day in the clinic.
  • Dr. Gil Kasirsky outside the LAMA clinic with a schoolteacher from Tibetan refugee camp #3.
  • Jaime Greenfield, RN shares a laugh with a Tibetan monk translator in the clinic pharmacy.
  • Suddenly, everything is a little bit clearer: Tibetan villagers test out new glasses.
  • The clinic gets a "thumbs-up" from women of the village.
  • The chairman, administrators and staff are the backbone of the LAMA clinic.
  • The clinic mascot takes a break.