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Medical Care International - Donations In Kind

Donations In Kind

In-kind donations, the contribution of goods or services, are accepted by Medical Care International in the specific areas detailed below.

If you wish to make a donation in kind, please send us an email with details of the goods or services you're offering. As with financial contributions, a donation receipt will be provided for any contributions made.

Medication and Eyeglasses

One of the benefits provided by our medical missions is the delivery of medication, which is prescribed and distributed to patients as they are seen in the clinics. We are always happy to receive donations of the following:

  • Medication: Both over-the-counter and prescription medication is welcome. While we prefer to receive medication which has not passed its expiration date, some expired medication is acceptable. Please include the expiration date for each medication when you email us.
  • Eyeglasses: New or used glasses and sunglasses in good condition, both prescription and non-prescription, are always needed.

Non-Medical Donations

For some of the communities we visit, specific non-medical donations can have an impact on the health education and well-being of the citizens. When we are able to do so, MCI will try to to meet these special requests.

The following items are currently needed for upcoming missions:

  • Children's Clothing - New or gently used children's clothing for our mission to Dapa. This is a cool climate, so we're primarily looking for Fall/Winter clothing in children's sizes ranging from toddler to pre-teen.
  • Laptop Computers - A limited number of laptop computers or netbooks are requested for monks at the Drepung Loseling Monastery. While PCs and Macs are both accepted, PC laptops running Windows XP are preferred.